SA 1050 WS

Specifications :

  • Capacity: 50-60 LPH
  • In corporates RO Membrane (USA) with pre-treatment along with raw water pump.
  • Consists of 1 no. of  RO membrance
  • For an institutional size of 25 to 100 persons.
  • Permissible in put water quality
  • (TDS max.); 2000ppm
  • Diamensions ( in mm) : (WxDxH) 500x375x700

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Filtration Process of SA 1050 WS :
Ø The sediment filter traps all the fine sediments & removes physical impurities from input water

Ø Specially treated pre-carbon block for absorbing color, organic impurities and chlorine

Ø RO membrane filter (porosity of 0.0001 micron) strains micro-organisms and TDS from the input water

Ø Post-carbon filter to enhance the taste of purified water.


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