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Sonar Appliances Pvt Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Company in the organized sector of water purifier with the alarming degradation of drinking water in our Country, todays Consumer need an up gradation to a technologically advanced water purification system. Company is using all major component up to the international Standards only Company is having bunch of professionals from the industry having un matched experience to identifying the customer need designing installation commissioning and after sales services.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a ultra modern process of water filtration under high pressure using special semi permeable membranes to remove suspended dissolved viral & bacterial and chemical impurities up to 0.0001micron from water. It removes undesirablesalts which cause blood pressure, Stone, indigestion, Gastric, Arthritis jaundice, Typhoid, Hepatitis & many more disease. It makes even ground salty water to bottled water standards.
1.   Boiling & Deactivate Bacteria
2.   UV Deactivate Bacteria, & Removes Odor dust particles,Chlorine. Odor , Bad Taste, Bacteria,Virus, Chlorine
3.   &RO Fluoride, & Dissolved salts, Insecticides, Pesticides & all other pollutants
Safety + Health + Economical + Time Saving + Convenient + Prompt Service + Advance Technology
Sediment Filter Cartridge
Sediment 5 Micron filter removes a suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt, rust and silt

Pre-Carbon Filter Cartridge
Granular Carbon pre-filter remove gases like chlorine, colour and other organic impurities protecting the RO membrane.

Post- carbon Filter Cartridge
Carbon block to remove smaller contaminants and any other remaining chlorine particles.

Membrane Cartridge
Membrane eliminates 90%-95% of all dissolved impurities of harmful substances in water as well as completely eliminating algae bacteria and viruses.

Resin Filter Cartridge
In-line post carbon filter and polisher that improves the taste of water.

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